When it comes to your rights as an American, the freedom to enjoy the simple pleasures in life – like gorgeous entertainers, cold beer, and great food – definitely ranks pretty high. It’s tough to say whether our forefathers could have predicted the sexy future of adult entertainment in the U.S., but we’re willing to bet that even they would enjoy the red-hot talents of a beautiful exotic dancer.

While all 50 states have at least one excellent strip club within their borders, there are a handful that rise above the rest. You might not call one of these strip club hot spots your home, but there’s nothing stopping you from planning a trip and taking full advantage of all the sexy fun they have to offer. Here are our top four picks for the best states for strip clubs in America:


Including Nevada on our list of favorite strip club states was a no-brainer, if only for the variety of exclusive adult entertainment venues you can find in the world-famous city of sin, Las Vegas. Whether you’re in the mood for an upscale gentlemen’s club or a casual hangout, you can find just about everything here. Keep in mind that in Vegas, strip clubs can either have fully-nude dancers or a full bar – not both – so you may end up having to choose your indulgence of choice.


The state of Georgia might not top the charts when it comes to the number of strip clubs that call it home, but the 50-plus places they do have are known as some of the hottest in the U.S. Tune in to a few chart-topping rap hits and you’ll be in on Georgia’s not-so-secret spot for sultry, full-nudity entertainment: Atlanta. At these, clubs, you can have your cake and eat it too, because full-nudity and full liquor is 100 percent legal.

West Virginia

You might be surprised to see West Virginia on the list, but this Southern state hosts a surprising number of strip clubs. With one strip club for every 25,000 or so people and full-nude, full liquor, and full-contact couch dances, West Virginia is a veritable mecca of sinful fun.


Florida isn’t just the state with the greatest number of strip clubs in America, but it’s also host to many of the top-rated spots in the country. As the home of the world-famous Cheetah South Florida and many other fully-nude clubs, the Sunshine State definitely deserves the number one spot on our list.

Experience the Best Strip Clubs in South Florida

There’s little doubt that Florida is one of the top U.S. destinations for strip club enthusiasts, but how do you know which of the state’s numerous adult clubs is the best of the best? Cheetah South Florida is a top-rated gentlemen’s club with three locations in Hallandale Beach, Palm Beach, and Pompano Beach, boasting the ultimate triple-threat experience with full nudity, full friction, and a full liquor bar. With a reputation for the hottest strippers and best clubs in Florida, there’s no better place to spend day or night than Cheetah South Florida.

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