South Florida has been a favorite spot for generations of Spring Breakers, and there is no better time to visit the area than now. Known for sun and fun during Spring Break, Florida has the right weather, the best amenities, and the most exciting nightlife for those seeking the ideal vacation away from the books.

If you are trying to decide on the perfect getaway spot for your break, discover why South Florida is the best place for you.

The Weather

It is no secret that people flock to Florida for vacation because of the beautiful weather. Spring Breakers love this time of year in Florida because they can experience the warmth of the sun without enduring the peak heat of the summertime. As Florida typically experiences a very short-lived and mild winter―which is usually long gone before schools go on break during the spring―even when the wind kicks up, the ocean temperatures result in a warm breeze rather than a chilly one.

The Beaches

If you are headed to South Florida for your break, it is time to drop the books and hit the beach. If you are looking for a good time, the world-famous beaches of the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas are calling your name.

  • South Beach: The action of South Beach is incomparable, so be prepared to bring your partying A-game with you. Known around the world for its top-notch party scene, the craziness of South Beach might be just what you need to get your mind off of the stress of school.
  • Fort Lauderdale Beach: If you are looking for a little less craziness than South Beach but still want plenty of bar and nightlife choices, Fort Lauderdale might be for you. With a row of nearby bars and clubs, you will get to enjoy the party scene without committing to a day at South Beach.
  • Other area beaches: The area is peppered with smaller beaches that are less crowded, so if you want to be near the action but still need relaxation time, there is a beach for you.

The People

The locals of South Florida are as varied and vibrant as the area itself. Head into a locally owned shop, participate in a music festival, or duck into a dive bar to enjoy some of the best storytellers this area has to offer. There is always someone new to meet, whether a native of the area or a Spring Breaker just like you. The culture is diverse, and people come from all over the world to vacation and live in this exciting part of Florida.

Elevate Your Spring Break at Cheetah South Florida

Some Spring Breakers choose South Florida as a destination solely to experience the nightlife. For those seeking the next level in Spring Break entertainment, South Florida is home to the world famous Cheetah Gentlemen’s Club. With three locations near the beaches in South Florida, a sports lounge, and private party packages, Cheetah has an enticing and exciting option for everyone. Cheetah gives the party-seeking vacationers endless options and a reason to visit South Florida every Spring Break.

If you have decided to make South Florida your Spring Break spot, you have come to the right place. Hang out on the beach, meet the locals, and party at one of the best gentlemen’s clubs in the world; Cheetah’s South Florida. Start planning your Spring break trip today! Contact us for more information about our special packages and get ready to have the time of your life!